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Why are body parts so flail-y

The closer I get to youthe more I get elbowed in the face. I am not into that kind of thing. via Blogger

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are serious business.Missed all of saturday, part of sunday.  Can’t remember what happened for the entire night (from about 12 – 3 I have 10 min combined memory) but it involved some 151 and jack shots, whiskey n cokes, beer, … Continue reading

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Okay okay okay

First Birthday bash = I have no idea what happened from 10-3 but I woke up without any crazy stories to tell and only $20 spent. =/= birthday bash. TAKE TWO Time to party like it’s 1950. or something. via … Continue reading

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HOLD ON GUNDAMS WE’RE COMING Seriously though, how awesome is Japan right now. via Blogger

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    It’s time to party like the world doesn’t exist. via Blogger

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Kill your TV

  Go to the tallest building you can find and throw your TV off it. Then get a giant monitor. Internet > TV Not even sure why it still exists. via Blogger

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Holy olympic rings batman! Come on Canada… we’re way f*cking bigger than Italy, why are we losing so hard? via Blogger

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